About the Sphynx

These naked cats are very affectionate and social. They're easily learners, follows you around wherever you go and seeks heat and maximum attention!
Its a very intelligent breed very similiar to a dog. Some resembles it as a mixture of dog, man, clown and cat.

The Sphynx loves life and takes every opportunity to sunbath in a window, it goes very well along with other animals in the family and adapts quickly to its new home. Most of all, these cats rather wanna be in the middle of attention, on your shoulders while you're cooking or in the way of your newspaper.
My cats love to be up on high places and on my shoulders or hanging around my neck.

The Sphynx do require a little bit of extra pottering and care, since it has a kind of body oil it needs a bath around once a week or whatever feels just right for your cat.
Claws should be trimmed once every week along with cleaning the claw skids, since they easily can get infected if a lot of dirt gathers up.
They also need an earcleaning procedure, since the ears doesnt have their own protection of fine hairs the wax and dirt needs to be removed.

This is not a breed for outdoor, since they will get frostbitten when its cold outside and burn their skin in the sun when its warm. It loves to take a walk in a leash but dont forget to protect your Sphynx with sun block!

You're very welcome with any kind of questions or inquiries!


When you buy a Sphynx from us:

It will be 12 weeks old by time of delivery



Checked by veterinarian.

Registered with pedigree in SVERAK (Fifé)

ID-marked with chip

Gets a goodie bag with useful things, food, toys, information and a blanket.

We first of all sell our kittens as pampered pets for company.

We only breed with HCM-scanned parents and our cats lives with us in the family and the kittens will be used to children, dogs, bathing and so on.

About us behind the prefix SE*Wrinkled Naked

The person behind this cattery is Agneta Andersson. I've had cats the major part of my life but no cat quite like the Sphynx!

The Sphynx is something extra ordinary and special that you have to experience by yourself.

First we bought our female Smilla but we soon realized that she needed company and then we picked up little Smeagol. Those two formed the foundation of our little family cattery.

Our family consists of me, Agneta and Patrik and our kids, Anton 11 year, Melvin 9 year, Neo 7 year and Thyra 6 year. We also have our rotweiler female Fiona and of course the cats! We live in a house in Söråker, nearest large town is Sundsvall.

The reason we picked Sphynx is very simple.. Both Patrik and Melvin has an allergy against furry animals. Sphynx really works for us and we dont regret ever getting one, these cats are just amazing!


You're very welcome with any kind of questions or inquiries!